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Rosto Solidário

ROSTO SOLIDARIO aims at fostering global citizenship and solidarity by enhancing local communities’ human and social development. RS core principles are civic participation, social integration, solidarity, networking and partnership. The organization scope of work includes four main areas: International Development Cooperation; Global Citizenship Education; Volunteering; and Family-based Social Support. Gender Equity, Human Rights and Social Inclusion are addressed as cross-cutting issues in all programs implemented. Also Rosto Solidário takes Non Formal Education approaches to foster lifelong learning opportunities following Global Citizenship Framework.                                                                            

RS legal status of public utility as NGO has been recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008. RS is a member of the Portuguese NGOD Platform and it is represented in Working Group on Development Education and Global Citizenship.                                                                                                                             

At the local level, RS is a member of local network “Rede Social do concelho de Santa Maria da Feira” (host of 115 organizations with social intervention programs – following National Action Plan for Inclusion guidelines). Within this network, RS has been awarded four times with a recognition of its work in fostering volunteering work and supporting local communities’ development.                                                          

Adding to this level the perspective of the global understanding of the world as well as bringing participants the opportunity to participate in international learning mobility experiences, particularly aligned with Erasmus + programme, RS promotes and is partner in European voluntary service / European Solidarity Corps, partnership building activities, training courses and youth exchanges. RS is a credited hosting and sending organization for European Voluntary Service projects since 2011. It is also a Eurodesk multiplier.

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