From 9th to 12th of May, it took place the fourth and last training of our project. The title of the training was “Radio Edition”: the purpose of the training (which was held online, on Zoom platform) was to test the radio and podcast development skills acquired in previous trainings.

In addition, the leader of the training, the association ASPAYM Castilla y Leon, introduced a series of concepts and notions useful for creating podcasts: the free Audacity program, the Zencastr and Spreaker apps and some essential soundbanks for creating digital content. Another important concept introduced was that of licenses: the difference between copyright and copyleft and royalty-free applications.

It was a very interactive training: the participants were involved in a series of preparatory exercises culminating with the verification of all the skills acquired during these months. Specifically, the final test was the creation of a small 15-minute podcast.

Finally, all the participants in the training had the opportunity to give their feedback not only about the workshop, but also about the entire project (which, we recall, has the purpose of creating a series of podcasts made entirely by young people and which have as their common thread the period of quarantine during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic).

 Read more about the “Radio-Theater: Tales of the Quarantine” project on Facebook and Instagram pages.

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