Finally, here we are: after months of hard work, the consortium of our project managed to reach a very important milestone: to record and publish the 10 podcasts envisaged by the project!

Thanks to the invaluable support of young students from each country of the partnership (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Romania), the podcasts were finalised this month and have already been uploaded to some of the major audio streaming platforms, such as Anchor and Spotify.

The project involved a group of young people recording a series of podcasts about their experiences during the 2020 lockdown period, which, as we now know quite well, affected almost every country in Europe and around the world.

At last, the stories of the young people are available and can be downloaded and listened here

The partners will discuss their results together at the next international meeting, which will be held on 21st  and 22nd  of September in Valladolid, Spain. This event has a double importance for the project: it is the first meeting in which the project managers who have been working on the project for almost two years will meet face-to-face; and it is, at the same time, the last meeting before the project’s closure, scheduled for 30th of September.

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